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Thursday, 13 February 2014

KLSE: without a target price, what triggers a sell?

I top up pne two weeks ago, during the washing period, a very good chance to top up: steady price with low volume. My top up price isn't that beautiful, because at the end of Jan when US market plunged 2%+ in a day, it came down to as low as 0.490. That day causes quite a shock in global market, but the heavy selling abates few days after that.

Today has proven that my top up decision was right - 28%+ a day, where to find such a huge return in one day?

I observed very carefully during the trading hours. This is a very good chance to see how the big fish push up a stock. At 0.700, there is a very obvious washing process - last for a good 10 minutes before continuing buy up.

When the queue is:

Buy Qty   Buy       Sell    Sell Qty
   100     0.700     0.705   200

Then sell down transaction will occur, either traded in 27 followed by 73, or 100 lot in a single transaction. This will result in:

Buy Qty   Buy       Sell    Sell Qty
   XXX     0.695     0.700   200 (or 100)

Then the 200 ( or 100 lots) of 0.700 will be eaten in a minute again. And then the same scenario repeat for 10 minutes at 0.700, to create volume. I do not know the intention of this, but clearly, the big fish holds most of the share. This phenomenon is observed at other prices as well, but not that obvious.

A very beautiful trade detail, showing a strong buy rate of 82%, this is extremely high! With today KLCI sentiment, this share is just too strong. The volume is beautiful, but is a little bit huge already?

1000 lots of buy volume - I have never seen this happened in this share, something must be coming very soon? All buy up transactions, showing how strong is this share although the market is going down today.

What I am worry is the huge volume today. But the candle is very good though. I still doesn't have any target price for this, kind of losing direction in selling.

If tomorrow is a big gap up, I would run.
If tomorrow continue rising, I would see until which point it will go. Perhaps sell half?
If tomorrow small volume, forget about it.

Hopefully my previous experience learned from stock market will help in making the decision this time.

Wednesday, 27 November 2013

观察 INSAS: 主力集中

INSAS 最近大马交易所非常一个INARI)妈妈近期突然来个拉升,接下来经典洗盘。


11月25公布业绩,漂亮,net profit double。业绩很漂亮的结果有2种:

1.股价gap up,一去不回头
2.庄家要震仓。股价gap up,然后回调。

INSAS的主力采用的是第二种。昨天的trade detail我没有记录下来。不过我知道昨天是gap up开始,然后收阴的。gap up买入的通常是看到业绩很好然后追高的。庄家直接来一个洗盘。今天洗到很够力。洗到0.89才甘愿。看了今天交易记录,尾盘就来个拉升了。


INSAS buy sell



INSAS的孩子INARI,昨天出业绩。q-t-q净利X3,1.5 cent股息。这业绩好得不得了。结果洗盘方法一个样:gap up开市,洗盘,让不鉴定的持票者出局,尾盘同样来个拉升:



Friday, 5 April 2013


4月3日国会解散的那一天,指数曾经大跌接近 50 点。昨天各大机构的参与数据出来了。

(资料来源:The Sun; Image from Bursa Trade Statistics