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Saturday, 4 January 2014

2013 review: part 3

I bought and wait, repeating this for several shares, until I realized that I have lost enough -- lost all earning from the beginning of this year. The last mistake I made was MAYBULK-CI -- ALL IN. When would I think of all in a call warrant in a normal situation? I do know how risky it is to all in call warrant, but I just wanted something back at that time. Kind of revenge, wasn't it?

I started collecting the CW in July, and finished all my cash in August - hoping that I can turn the table in one hit - too naive! Not long after that, world stock market "crashed", or more correctly if looking back now, adjusted. So did KLCI, it has no privilege against the world stock market.

KLCI august chart

MAYBULK is not like NESTLE or BAT, is not a defensive stock. So it followed KLCI pattern. 


On 22 Aug 2013, KLCI opened with a gap, downwards. I decided to cut loss early in the morning - a right decision finally. For several consecutive days, Maybulk-CI went down to as low as 0.135, which I was fortunate. But not long after that, it climbed back to the price I sold, even went to as high as 0.325. While it may seem that if I hold until then, I could have earned some money, but I wouldn't sell even it is 0.325 though - my greed has no bounds. This is something I need to improve.

Maybulk-CI expired on 6 Dec 2013, at the same price that I have sold. Even if I hold until the end, it doesn't cost me to lose more in terms of capital, but it does cost me to lose time opportunity, a very important cost in the stock market - I could have switched share and manage to secure some earning, which I did.

[to be continued]

Thursday, 22 August 2013

研究 MAYBULK Call Warrant

今天股市大跌开市,一开始就是 -17点。过后1小时里面 -25,过后又变成 -15,让人以为 KLCI 的奇迹又将再次发生。结果今天不一样了。过后继续跌。

今天追踪了 MAYBULK-CI 的 buyer 和 seller,看看庄是怎么交易 call warrant 的。

来点基本资料, 看 Bursa Malaysia


股数: 50 M


Exercise price: 1.30
Conversion ratio: 2:1

21-8-2013 闭市价:0.235
21-8-2013 母股:1.75

Premium = 0.235*2 + 1.30 - 1.75 / 1.75 = 1.1%

这是 MAYBULK 最能交易的 CW,原因很简单:成交量最大,premium 低,买卖价差不大,不会贵。可惜的是到期日只有3个月。

今天看着股价变动,看着 CW 买卖价钱变动,发觉原来 CW 买卖价钱完全跟着母股买卖的。价钱?当然庄家了。相信电脑 set  formula,母股买卖价钱什么,CW 买卖什么价钱。今天的 buyer 排队都是 3000 lot 排,都是 1000 lot 卖。只有发行商那么而已。


             BUY QTY       BUY      SELL      SELL QTY

MAYBULK                   1.76      1.77
MAYBULK-CI    3000        0.235     0.240        1000

MAYBULK                   1.75      1.76
MAYBULK-CI    3000        0.230     0.240        1000

MAYBULK                   1.77      1.78
MAYBULK-CI    3000        0.240     0.245        1000

MAYBULK                   1.74      1.75
MAYBULK-CI    3000        0.225     0.235        1000

MAYBULK                   1.73      1.75
MAYBULK-CI    3000        0.220     0.235        1000

MAYBULK                   1.73      1.74
MAYBULK-CI    3000        0.220     0.230        1000

基本上就是母股 buyer price 一变动,下 1 cent,CW buyer price立刻下调0.005.立刻,自动。明显就是电脑操纵。

其实庄家价钱不差。比如母股 buyer 1.75 时候,CW 0.230 价。买到折合母股是 1.76,有点亏本。当然,相信电脑程序随着情况调动 formula。

不会糟糕。OSK 的 Call warrant有做功课,是可以交易的。