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Saturday, 11 April 2015

About long term investment

This is my 5th year of involvement in KLSE. While surviving KLSE in this period is nothing more than ordinary, I am still glad that I have made it, with a capital growing at a satisfactory rate.

In retrospect, the way I "handle" KLSE is by intraday, short term (<6 months) and medium term (<3 years) tradings.

Intraday tradings were extremely rare, simply because the energy and time spent is too much to bear. Some examples, MAS and CYBERT(don't learn this). All have gone to holland by now.

Short term (<6 months) trading is something that I prefer more. INGRESS, SBCCORP and PRLEXUS are typical examples. Mostly use chart to look for entry price, seeking a return of 10-30% in less than 3 months. Sporadically, there will be chances to earn "fast money" in a few days, i.e. playing rebound, e.g.  PHARMA and TAKAFUL. When this occurs, if you are bold enough, ALL IN.

Medium term (>6 months <3 years) can be torturous at times. But good things come to those who wait. INARI, PNEPCB and SHH are my old buddy now. Return has been very satisfactory. 6 months - 2 years is a period that I am more comfortably to hold a share, because they always end up good return.

Where is my long term investment?

I understand that my current investment style will not last long. When the capital becomes large, so does the stake. At some point, I will like to invest long term -- in the sense to hold a share for at least 3 years.  This is where your "skill" is tested, to see how well you can spot a good counter, as if PBBANK and GENTING in the 1980s, DIGI in the 2000s and DLADY in the 2010s. What type of companies should I look for long term investment?

Are they companies that I really like? For this, I look no further from AirAsia and AAX. It is the airline that enables me to fly between PEN-KUL and KUL-SYD. But sentiment cannot help making decision in the stock market. AirAsia has been dropping for a while, since it hit a top of RM 4.00 in 2012. If you buy AAX since IPO and hold until now then you would have lost a lot. Perhaps there are just too many uncertainties in the airline industry.

Are they companies that I don't like to involve as an individual? This means health care and pharmaceutical industry. Nobody likes to go to hospital, yet everybody needs to go there at some point. Examples include KPJ, PHARMA and IHH.

How about companies that are needed in daily lives? Consumer products. NESTLE, DLADY and others.

At this stage I wouldn't buy any of these securities. I don't look for long term investment now. Long term investment does not make sense to me if the capital is not big enough, e.g. RM 500k. Until then, I can use a portion of this capital to invest "long-term". For now, the first task is still to grow my capital, which is what I have been doing for 5 years.

Friday, 15 February 2013




  • 已经股价跌破年线的股。跌破年线代表长期下跌趋势已经形成。回调的时间很难预测。此时买入很容易被套。例子:马航。这股在近期带量下跌。很多人都想捉反弹,包括我。知道现在我都没有动。看回去,才看到原来它已经连跌了5年了!2009-2011的牛市对它来说好像不曾发生过这样。太恐怖了。

  • 避免股价已向上突破年线,但年线呈献下滑趋势的个股。基本上跟上个道理差不多。总之年线是很好的支撑。跌破了,就是短期趋势完蛋。下图是CCM的。减重几次从上年线,没有多久又回头了。要捉这种东西的反弹,必须要观察一个不短的时间,再加上技巧,才能获利。要不然,就是被套。
  • 避免年度内已经开番的股项。基本原则是1年内番了1番,就1年不碰。1年内番了2番,就2年不碰,以此类推。看看去年的TAKAFUL,就番了3番,那么是不是说3年内不动了?意思就是3年内股价多数都不会动了。例子:红飞机。没有了他,有多少人不曾坐过飞机?



Thursday, 13 December 2012




Tuesday, 9 October 2012


今天回到家520. 可是!马股还没有闭市!自从夏令时开始,这里的时间将会快3个小时。我下班后还可以看股市,真不错!这时马股午盘都还没有开市呢!

我就看看股市。MAS午盘开始1.00. 过后做了一点东西。习惯上看回去股市。咦?MAS怎么可以在意分钟里面来到1.03呢?看了交易记录,不得了了!量来了!我立刻跳进去!!