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Thursday, 9 October 2014

2014 Q3 Review

Return: +4.5% vs KLCI -1.9% (3 months)

Transactions: 3

 1. Sell PNE
I've been holding this share for 1.5 years. Not a bad return. Fortunately I have enough patience to wait for it. Thanks PNE. But one thing I must remember is that luck is an important factor. Who knows if it wouldn't move until 3 or 5 years? So I am really happy with this transaction.

2. Sell INSAS
This share has been grueling to me, finally cannot tahan (cannoot stand) and Sell INSAS. I don't have the patience that I have for PNE. Maybe one day in the future I will return, who knows?

3. Buy GHL
I love this transaction. This brings back me the "feeling" of short-term trading. I used to have this feeling, but the experience seems to disappear when I indulge myself too much in the stock market. Luckily I've regained this "feeling". Needless to say more, look at the chart:

9-9-2014: gap up with volume. I refrained from chasing high.

10-9-2014 to 18-9-2014: consolidation with low volume. I observed the movement. Telling myself that my target entry price will be around RM 1.05. Why? Because the closing price before gap up is RM 1.04. A "sincere" consolidation process shouldn't go below RM 1.04.

17-9-2014 already went down to RM 1.03, is in my entry price. But I did not look at the stock market on that day.

18-9-2014 I have something to do in the morning. Wait until I look at the price was already trading at RM 1.07. I didn't budge on the entry price this time. I queued for RM 1.05 and I just do my own thing. And it did match after that. I enjoyed an immediate return in a short time. What more could I ask for?

This is the trading style that I am looking at: wait for consolidation, find an entry price, do not chase high. Just let it happens its own way. If the transaction is not matched, just look for other opportunity. 

Sunday, 21 September 2014


Finally, I admit my "mistake" for keeping INSAS. I hold this share for too long, longing for a higher return. The fact is that, I could have had the same return 6 months ago, when it soared from 0.90+ to 1.20+. But I chose to stay on. My capital just can't stay the same all the time. I decided to sell eventually.  

Usually a stock with "big fish" in play will move within 3 months after the first round, but INSAS is way too "exceptional". In 6 months, people can already buy other share and gain satisfactory return from the trading. So I have to "change horse" (i.e. switch stock), to look for other opportunities.

Regardless, I still think this is an undervalued stock. I understand that releasing its values and potentials is just a matter of time. But it is just too long for me to wait. And no dividend some more! Earn so much then no give dividend, how can?!

I've had enough with you. Bye.

Friday, 4 April 2014

2014 Q1 Review

Return: satisfied.

Transactions: 3

1. Top up PNEPCB
This transaction did pull up my average price. So I actually endured the "pain" when I topped up -- already 2X of my first entry price, how could I still buy it? But I don't want to regret, and this share did not disappoint me. It "hurts" me in the sense when seeing the % return "decreased dramatically", however, in terms of amount, the return is of course higher. 

I used to think that an investment of less than 2k wouldn't make me any huge return, at most a few hundreds in short time. But INARI-WA has really "broken my glasses". For this small amount of investment, the return is really surprising in 1 month time. This shows the power of investment, of how money is being duplicated. 

3. Buy CHHB
Clearly a "follow wind" trade, from guazi in Investalks. Buy at low volume, not too bad. 

Dividends 2
1. INARI 1.5 cent
2. INSAS 1 cent

This results show that I don't have to trade frequently to pursue for huge return. In fact, buy and hold may be the best way for high return - just do nothing and wait for the return, isn't this the best part of investment?

Yes, I could have sold INARI at high price and then wait for adjustment and then go in again, but how could I catch the moment precisely? What if I miss it, and then just let the rest of the return gone?

Yes, I could have sold PNEPCB on 14 Feb 2014 @ RM 0.84 and switch share for another return. And until today it did prove working, since PNEPCB still hovering around this price, but WHAT IF? I am loyal to this share, really feel reluctant to sell at this price though.

After all, it is easier said than done. When my capital gets larger, when I have some cash to play really short term, then I can go for different trading style. For now, I am satisfied with my return.

Friday, 10 January 2014

2013 review: part 5 (end)

In summary, 2013 breaks several personal investment records: (it's easy to break though, cause I am only 3 years in KLSE)

  1. record loss of a single share, in terms of amount -- not something worth bragging
  2. record earn of single share, in terms of amount -- something I am very thankful for
  3. record dividend income, a bonus for me, still wish to get more dividend this year
Several mistake that (hopefully) can never be repeated:

  1. There is nothing like what I should have earned from a bullish market. The stock market does not owe me anything. That kind of thinking and attitude will only make me lost even more.
  2. It turns out that holding 0% share in a bullish market can make me to lose control in stock market for months. I am very grateful for the time this lesson came, fortunately it did not plunge by the time I got in to "revenge". Hopefully I will remember this lesson for years. Never fight with the market.
  3. Before buy / sell a share, read the quotes and experience that I've gone through before.
  4. All in style works pretty well when the capital is small, however, the style will need to be adjusted ones the capital gets bigger. All in a share using large capital is too risky - you don't have any more cash to buy other share or average down when the opportunity comes.
This year, I enthusiastically wait for my 100% single share return, I am pretty sure it will come very soon, and then only see if I want to continue holding or sell. Just like what typical Malaysians would say "later only see how lah". 

Dividend "sneak-peak": one to come next week (INARI), one to come next month if I hold the share (INSAS), which I probably will. "money, nobody will think it is too much one mah"

One more expectation: surprise dividend

After 13 years, this company paid out a dividend last year, announced on 29 Jan 2013. I was very happy to receive the dividend last year, and expect something this year too, hopefully not too long. Based on last month and today's performance (+17%), I guess something is coming very soon (less a question than a statement).

Wednesday, 1 January 2014

2013 review: part 1

Thankfully, my target is achieved by the end of the year, thanks to the share that I bought last quarter, that brings me a record paper gain, or my investment return will be in red.

For 2013, I still use the same technique as in 2012 - observe, buy in, wait and sell. This is in total contrast of what I planned at the end of 2012.What is planned is not delivered, especially the 30% cash part, I did not keep a 30% cash all the time. In fact, I all in all the time. How come like that one? Greed.

At 1H of the year, my return was negative. The bullish market after election reflects my weakness in stock market, I went in emotionally, without any rationale.  It costs me a big loss. Then, knowing that my target is even further away, I kept on doing the wrong thing - all in a call warrant. This is just too scary for me. Fortunately I admitted my mistake,cut lost within 1 month, still incurring a lost of 2k.

The turning point is in August, where I all in a share that I traded previously, that brings me the return I have today.

Dividend is a total bonus for me when I focus on capital gain- RM 998.30, touching 4 figures, that is surreal. And one more dividend to come in January, already ex in Dec 2013, I love dividend. 

Tuesday, 24 December 2013

KLSE: top up INSAS

Today INSAS was hovering between 0.89 - 0.905 for most of the time, only then to fall to 0.885 just before the market closed.

Well, I have observed the movement of this share for more than 1 month, pretty confident that 0.890 is the lowest price that the "big fish" will wash to, which is why I can accept to top up at the price of 0.895. 

Previously I have noticed how this share moved, in focused accumulation of share, I presented some of the detailed transactions while in INSAS and INGRESS, it is noticed that how similar the charts look like. So I decided to top up.


INSAS chart

The washing process of this share is just brutal. It really tests your patience. Still, I believe that 0.885 is still fine, and from the low volume recently, this share is definitely not finished its drama. Low volume + price consolidation = wash. I believe this wash is a very big one.

Lets see how it goes.

Saturday, 30 November 2013

INGRESS and INSAS: Aren't they look similar?

Previously i wrote something about my transactions before 13th Malaysia GE, one of which is related to INGRESS, see here. This share has later been privatized and  is now delisted.

Recall back the graph, which look like this, which attracted me to buy in:


Few days ago I posted something about INSAS, see here Now let's look at the graph for INSAS:


What a coincidence? The graphs look so similar!

So what does it mean? Let's see what happen in the next two weeks. I believe it wouldn't take long to see another wave of INSAS.

Wednesday, 27 November 2013

观察 INSAS: 主力集中

INSAS 最近大马交易所非常一个INARI)妈妈近期突然来个拉升,接下来经典洗盘。


11月25公布业绩,漂亮,net profit double。业绩很漂亮的结果有2种:

1.股价gap up,一去不回头
2.庄家要震仓。股价gap up,然后回调。

INSAS的主力采用的是第二种。昨天的trade detail我没有记录下来。不过我知道昨天是gap up开始,然后收阴的。gap up买入的通常是看到业绩很好然后追高的。庄家直接来一个洗盘。今天洗到很够力。洗到0.89才甘愿。看了今天交易记录,尾盘就来个拉升了。


INSAS buy sell



INSAS的孩子INARI,昨天出业绩。q-t-q净利X3,1.5 cent股息。这业绩好得不得了。结果洗盘方法一个样:gap up开市,洗盘,让不鉴定的持票者出局,尾盘同样来个拉升: