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Saturday, 11 April 2015

About long term investment

This is my 5th year of involvement in KLSE. While surviving KLSE in this period is nothing more than ordinary, I am still glad that I have made it, with a capital growing at a satisfactory rate.

In retrospect, the way I "handle" KLSE is by intraday, short term (<6 months) and medium term (<3 years) tradings.

Intraday tradings were extremely rare, simply because the energy and time spent is too much to bear. Some examples, MAS and CYBERT(don't learn this). All have gone to holland by now.

Short term (<6 months) trading is something that I prefer more. INGRESS, SBCCORP and PRLEXUS are typical examples. Mostly use chart to look for entry price, seeking a return of 10-30% in less than 3 months. Sporadically, there will be chances to earn "fast money" in a few days, i.e. playing rebound, e.g.  PHARMA and TAKAFUL. When this occurs, if you are bold enough, ALL IN.

Medium term (>6 months <3 years) can be torturous at times. But good things come to those who wait. INARI, PNEPCB and SHH are my old buddy now. Return has been very satisfactory. 6 months - 2 years is a period that I am more comfortably to hold a share, because they always end up good return.

Where is my long term investment?

I understand that my current investment style will not last long. When the capital becomes large, so does the stake. At some point, I will like to invest long term -- in the sense to hold a share for at least 3 years.  This is where your "skill" is tested, to see how well you can spot a good counter, as if PBBANK and GENTING in the 1980s, DIGI in the 2000s and DLADY in the 2010s. What type of companies should I look for long term investment?

Are they companies that I really like? For this, I look no further from AirAsia and AAX. It is the airline that enables me to fly between PEN-KUL and KUL-SYD. But sentiment cannot help making decision in the stock market. AirAsia has been dropping for a while, since it hit a top of RM 4.00 in 2012. If you buy AAX since IPO and hold until now then you would have lost a lot. Perhaps there are just too many uncertainties in the airline industry.

Are they companies that I don't like to involve as an individual? This means health care and pharmaceutical industry. Nobody likes to go to hospital, yet everybody needs to go there at some point. Examples include KPJ, PHARMA and IHH.

How about companies that are needed in daily lives? Consumer products. NESTLE, DLADY and others.

At this stage I wouldn't buy any of these securities. I don't look for long term investment now. Long term investment does not make sense to me if the capital is not big enough, e.g. RM 500k. Until then, I can use a portion of this capital to invest "long-term". For now, the first task is still to grow my capital, which is what I have been doing for 5 years.

Thursday, 17 July 2014

2014 Q2 Review

Return: +9.9% vs KLCI +0.8% (3 months)

Transactions: 4

1. Top up CHHB. details here
This was a mistake.

2. Sell CHHB
I need to use money. I am grateful that I picked the right share to sell. Easy: just sell the one which is losing money. Don't hope for a break even, it may come after you lost your patience. 

Lesson learnt: a 3% loss in 2 months. Not a big deal. But it serves to remind me in the future, that I should have sold it at the right timing.

3. Buy SHH
This should be the one like INGRESS last year, the same reason that I bought INGRESS last year. I am going to hold this share until it brings me huge return. I believe it wouldn't be long.

4. Involuntary trade due to a one-lot transaction.

Dividend: 1

INARI 2.0 cent

Review: The power of compound interest

I am still very focus on KLSE, although I start to keep an eye on US markets.

My strategy is still the same for this quarter, very simple: buy and hold. Nothing more.

I start to feel the power of compound interest, that even a 9.9% gain comes in as a considerable amount. This is the power of compound interest. Interest on top on interest. This is how rich people gets richer. This is how money brings more money.

Tuesday, 29 April 2014


It has been some time since I posted my last transaction, but it doesn't mean that I did not buy or sell in these periods.

Today I queue RM 1.55 for CHHB, a share by guazi in Investalks.

CHHB transaction

Why would I buy this share? 

The chart is beautiful, is very much like INGRESS lasty year:  Why would I buy INGRESS? Price up within short time, then price consolidation with low volume, to "wash out" contra and uncertain shareholders.

Why is it 1.55?  

Well, first of all I am very "prudent" in buying something, including stocks. I wouldn't pay full price for something - a typical Malaysian style, and will always bargain: 

kurang sikit boleh tak? (Malay)

eh kah kiam oh? (Hokkien)

不能再便宜了meh? (Mandarin) 

can you give a better price? (English) 

So I will feel reluctant to even queuing for RM 1.56.

Secondly, 1.55 is the lowest price since 21/4/2014. Because at that day there was a slight movement in the stock with volume. I believe this is a relatively safe entry price.  

Target price - No target price. If volume come and I find a better chance, then I will change.  

Tuesday, 24 December 2013

KLSE: top up INSAS

Today INSAS was hovering between 0.89 - 0.905 for most of the time, only then to fall to 0.885 just before the market closed.

Well, I have observed the movement of this share for more than 1 month, pretty confident that 0.890 is the lowest price that the "big fish" will wash to, which is why I can accept to top up at the price of 0.895. 

Previously I have noticed how this share moved, in focused accumulation of share, I presented some of the detailed transactions while in INSAS and INGRESS, it is noticed that how similar the charts look like. So I decided to top up.


INSAS chart

The washing process of this share is just brutal. It really tests your patience. Still, I believe that 0.885 is still fine, and from the low volume recently, this share is definitely not finished its drama. Low volume + price consolidation = wash. I believe this wash is a very big one.

Lets see how it goes.

Saturday, 30 November 2013

INGRESS and INSAS: Aren't they look similar?

Previously i wrote something about my transactions before 13th Malaysia GE, one of which is related to INGRESS, see here. This share has later been privatized and  is now delisted.

Recall back the graph, which look like this, which attracted me to buy in:


Few days ago I posted something about INSAS, see here Now let's look at the graph for INSAS:


What a coincidence? The graphs look so similar!

So what does it mean? Let's see what happen in the next two weeks. I believe it wouldn't take long to see another wave of INSAS.

Thursday, 16 May 2013

大选前操作分析1 -- 为什么会买入INGRESS?



过后看了自己的数据库,基本面还不错。PE低 + 有股息。这种突然暴涨的股,然后低量洗盘的,要来是迟早的事而已罢了《洗盘也是进场时机》。这股是我相中的短期投资目标。


4月16日停牌。当天宣布1.85私有化。《INGRESS 私有化》。过后股价被压在1.75-1.79。 我知道等下去结果也是一样的。套利走人。



Thursday, 18 April 2013

套利 INGRESS - 提高现金比例

卖掉INARI之后(套利 INARI),今天决定贱价卖出这个即将私有化股。私有化出价1.85,庄家价钱压在1.76-1.79,实在气人。不想继续折腾,选择逃离走人。4%左右价钱,给他吧。



Tuesday, 16 April 2013


这消息来得真是时候。讲真,昨天的上影线有让我卖掉走人的念头。因为真的不想抱票过投票日。老天爷保佑这念头没有变成行动。今天回家一看,咦?停牌了。涨了5% 就停牌了。这种时候多数就是私有化啦。Bursa 的 pattern,看到厌了。

私有化价钱RM1.85. (Source) 第一个念头:哇老,kiam siap =.=|||。NTA 2.30 的股私有化这种鸟价。接下来的念头转变了。还得感谢至少出来个消息。



第三:有 premium 20% + 了还不够?大股东都是吃定小股东的啦。有上到船就偷笑了。还要求这样多?没有给你来个 RM 1.50 就偷笑了。还嫌?




Thursday, 7 March 2013




排队至少2价位重要性。至少几率比较高。而且就是买个平均价。中一个比较价钱,至少收。上次BJFOOD太过吝啬 《BJFOOD》,没有买到,这次总算搭上一班列车。



Saturday, 2 March 2013


的 Free Cash 等着这个正在经历洗盘股。为什么知道洗盘?简单,价量齐升,基本面不错,2月26阴烛,非常典型拉升过后洗盘现象。以为洗3天。

结果2月27直接大阳烛。以为势头继续。哪里知道2月28来个阴烛。开心。心想这个个3吧。情况对劲HANTAM CASH进去!!

今天下午6点30(大马时间330) 看盘更加开心,来到1.45左右了。有点hantam下去了。不过忍。结果?