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Saturday, 21 March 2015

KLSE: INARI-WB, a surprise match

The experience in the past few months has let me learnt to only look at the market after it is closed. It has become my habit now.

As I opened my portfolio few days ago, I was surprised to see an additional stock in my portfolio. I was shocked at first, because I didn't make any queue at all on that day. Soon after that I realized that my queue using “Good-till" function has matched at my entry price.

INARI-WB, 1.40. I queued this price last week, didn't think that it would really match. I like this kind of surprise, a transaction which is matched without any expectation and even without my prior notice.

Note: Good-till function, is a function that allows you to queue for a counter for up to a month without entering the queue manually everyday. HLeBroking actually possesses this function. I emailed HLIB sometime ago to enquire for this function. The efficiency of HLIB is absolutely impressive. Soon after that the representative called me and mentioned the risk of using the function "Good till". I said that I understand that and the representative will activate this function for my account. It was available to use in my account since then. When I have free cash, I can queue for a stock at a low price just for fun. Sometimes it really matches, you never know.