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Thursday, 2 January 2014

2013 review: part 2

Looking back, it is not really hard to earn >26% a year in a stock market in 2013 -- with the condition that the capital is not big. When the capital is not big, simply "all in" a share can easily bring you a huge return.
Several shares that, at least double its price, from my memory -- DSONIC, INARI, TNLOGIS, MYEG, PWROOT, HOMERIZ, NAIM, PRLEXUS, HLCAP, HUAYANG etc.

Even not doubling the share price, a lot of share can grow >26% a year, providing that you know how to sell -- MMODE, REDTONE, INSAS, MAGNI, OLDTOWN, AEONCR, SBCCORP etc.

But how could I struggle to achieve my aim?

I still remember, right after GE13, construction shares fly like angels. While I am holding 100% cash, it is really not a good feeling, and my weakness are totally reflected in the stock market. After 1 week of GE13, the construction shares still kept rising, I really cannot tahan (stand), I all in GAMUDA-WD -- a very rash deicsion, without looking at the chart, volume, without even queuing, directly buy from seller. This is in contrast what I used to do -- always find a safe entry price. The market has made me to lose control.


I went in 13 May, then sell on 14 May, making a profit of just 0.5%. Why would I be so impatience while I can earn 15% if I sell a week later? I just want the share I bought to fly INSTANTLY, because, deep in my mind, I have "lost" 1 week of earning from 6 May to 13 May, so I would like this to be COMPENSATED IMMEDIATELY. That was the beginning of my mistake. I couldn't wait even if it is just one day. In my mind, I want to find something to recover my "loss" during 6-13 May. Thinking back, that thought was HORRIBLE. All decisions are made emotionally. What if the market just crash at that time? 

Following that, I kept on hantam (i.e. all in), changing from share to share, to seek for "compensation", of what I thought I SHOULD HAVE EARNED. That made me lost EVEN MORE. Not only a loss in terms of capital, but the directional loss in stock market as well. What ever experienced that I learned previously was completely forgotten. 

[to be continued]