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Saturday, 18 January 2014

First dividend in 2014

Together with the interim dividend, INARI has announced a special dividend at the same time, a total of 1.5 cent of dividend for a quarter. I love the word "special dividend", although not much, it sounds like a bonus stuff to the shareholders. 

Yes, my first dividend in 2014 is brought by INARI. I love dividend. Looking forward for my second one next month, i.e. INSAS. Also, longing for a surprise dividend. if it were to come, it should come in two weeks time, hopefully.

Saturday, 11 January 2014

My share doubled its price, i.e. "kai fan"

Last month I just wrote something about a share that I've hold for the longest time.

Yesterday, I mentioned that I really look forward to my first "kai fan" share, i.e. 100% return, in 2013 review.

Note: "kai fan" = 开番 in mandarin
                = "open slip" by direct translation (meaningless)
                = doubled share price in English term

To my surprise, the share that I look forward to be the first share that doubled its price is not the first share that doubled its price in my portfolio. I am still very excited to see the first 100% in my portfolio, finally, after 3 years of stock investment.

pnepcb double share price

I've hold this for 13 months. Not too bad after seeing this return. But the process is not that easy, especially if you look at the market everyday. This stock can be completely deadly for weeks and months, with only small volume traded.

The weightage of this share was 25% of my total capital by the time I bought in. Although I would think of buying not enough (greed has no bounds), but even if I put in a large portion of my capital, say 50%, being half of my capital locked in there for so long, how could I go through the process and how much opportunity would I lost? After all, there is no regret in stock market. The fact is, nobody will know when would a share move, just like this one, near to 50% rise in 2 days, how could one speculate this? Even tough you really look at this share all the time, the energy and time that you spent on it would not worth it too. It is impossible to know when a share will move, so the only way we can do is buy and hold. Buy before it moves. As long as you are confident with your choice, just hold.

Ironically, my portfolio seems to hint me to reduce my frequent trade in stock market -- I would expect INARI to double its price first, but at last is this "black horse", of which I've hold for so long that jump the queue. Is like telling me that as long as you are confident with a share, just hold, time will bring you the return that you deserve. I will remember this lesson. 

Now, question comes: when to sell it? I don't really have a target price for this. If really have one, I would say at least RM 0.80. But now I still don't see any reason to sell it -- this new high was broken by a record high volume too, nice chart!

Also, today the stock closed at Buy 0.595 & Sell 0.600 with a sell of 13000+ lots, i.e. a lot as compared to usual queue of 200-500 lots. I would say that this is a "fake" resistance, as most of the shares are in the big fish hand. Today high of 0.600 has only traded for 2 lots, an obvious act by retail investors. I couldn't print screen of the queue tough, after Bursa has upgraded its trading system to BTS2. It wouldn't take immediate time to break 0.600, I hope so, as this share should rest for a while now before continue moving.

Finally, some Manglish, i.e. Malaysian English. Whenever I talked to someone that I have this share, people will look at it and say:

this kind of stock can buy meh?

no volume one, how to buy?

like that need to hold how long? 

like this can earn money meh? 

Friday, 10 January 2014

2013 review: part 5 (end)

In summary, 2013 breaks several personal investment records: (it's easy to break though, cause I am only 3 years in KLSE)

  1. record loss of a single share, in terms of amount -- not something worth bragging
  2. record earn of single share, in terms of amount -- something I am very thankful for
  3. record dividend income, a bonus for me, still wish to get more dividend this year
Several mistake that (hopefully) can never be repeated:

  1. There is nothing like what I should have earned from a bullish market. The stock market does not owe me anything. That kind of thinking and attitude will only make me lost even more.
  2. It turns out that holding 0% share in a bullish market can make me to lose control in stock market for months. I am very grateful for the time this lesson came, fortunately it did not plunge by the time I got in to "revenge". Hopefully I will remember this lesson for years. Never fight with the market.
  3. Before buy / sell a share, read the quotes and experience that I've gone through before.
  4. All in style works pretty well when the capital is small, however, the style will need to be adjusted ones the capital gets bigger. All in a share using large capital is too risky - you don't have any more cash to buy other share or average down when the opportunity comes.
This year, I enthusiastically wait for my 100% single share return, I am pretty sure it will come very soon, and then only see if I want to continue holding or sell. Just like what typical Malaysians would say "later only see how lah". 

Dividend "sneak-peak": one to come next week (INARI), one to come next month if I hold the share (INSAS), which I probably will. "money, nobody will think it is too much one mah"

One more expectation: surprise dividend

After 13 years, this company paid out a dividend last year, announced on 29 Jan 2013. I was very happy to receive the dividend last year, and expect something this year too, hopefully not too long. Based on last month and today's performance (+17%), I guess something is coming very soon (less a question than a statement).

Wednesday, 1 January 2014

2013 review: part 1

Thankfully, my target is achieved by the end of the year, thanks to the share that I bought last quarter, that brings me a record paper gain, or my investment return will be in red.

For 2013, I still use the same technique as in 2012 - observe, buy in, wait and sell. This is in total contrast of what I planned at the end of 2012.What is planned is not delivered, especially the 30% cash part, I did not keep a 30% cash all the time. In fact, I all in all the time. How come like that one? Greed.

At 1H of the year, my return was negative. The bullish market after election reflects my weakness in stock market, I went in emotionally, without any rationale.  It costs me a big loss. Then, knowing that my target is even further away, I kept on doing the wrong thing - all in a call warrant. This is just too scary for me. Fortunately I admitted my mistake,cut lost within 1 month, still incurring a lost of 2k.

The turning point is in August, where I all in a share that I traded previously, that brings me the return I have today.

Dividend is a total bonus for me when I focus on capital gain- RM 998.30, touching 4 figures, that is surreal. And one more dividend to come in January, already ex in Dec 2013, I love dividend. 

Monday, 15 April 2013


好高兴。又有股息收了。数目不多,都不够去 TAMBUN 吃一顿海鲜pun。自己爽而已。

今年第二次收股息。这个是属于 tax exempt 了的股息。4月30号,INARI的股息又会进户口。开始享受到拿股息的感觉,只有爽可以形容。

开始想今年还会不会有股息拿呢?收了股息就一直想继续收了。PHARMA?上个月才发过而已,怎么可能?除非来个Special Dividend?可是上个月发的是 interim dividend,是第4次了。那么final dividend呢?希望来个惊喜。

Monday, 8 April 2013

INARI 股息到手

今天INARI Ex-Date了还能够越战越勇,实在让我高兴。

一股 0.9Cent 免税。我买不多,数目都不够去 TAMBUN 吃一顿海鲜。呵呵。骗吃骗吃而已。不过这是今年收取的第三次股息。4月30号,有钱会自动进户口,这种感觉,爽。

(来源:Bursa Malaysia)

Saturday, 30 March 2013

吹吹水 -- INARI 单日洗盘

股息实在吸引我。每个季度息! DY 7-8% 肯定不是问题。而且今年以来一直陆续买进。月,当时现金太多,看到买,不改。是个错误,记住犯。

今天看到大宗交易 1000 lot。对于说,属于罕见。结果下午时候原形毕露,原来之前都是吓吓而已。0.435 和 0.440 的 1000+ lot 卖盘瞬间吃光!


最新股息是4月8日Ex。0.9 Cent Single Tier。史上最高股息。说史上好像很高这样,其实这股还很新啦。上市都还没有2年。呵呵。

如果让我hold到ex date,那么今年就会拿到3次的股息了。第一次拿股息拿到那么爽。虽然只是几百块,可是那种满足感,难以形容!


Saturday, 15 December 2012



这彩虹出现没有5分钟就消失了。李商隐的《登乐游原》中的  夕阳无限好,只是近黄昏 说明了美好的事情都是短暂的。夕阳至少还可以维持几十分钟。彩虹就那么几分钟而已。比夕阳短得很的。

Tuesday, 27 November 2012


Wollongong 是距离 Sydney 1小时半车程的城市。坐火车过去也是差不多这个时间。中文名字叫卧龙岗,好听又有意思。坐火车的沿途经过的地方都非常漂亮。有山有海,很爽。没想到我才去了一次,就已经爱上这个地方了。

当初去Wollongong是要去拜拜的。那里有所谓南半球最大的寺庙 - 南天寺。因为南半球的国家本来都不多。最有名的就是纽澳,非洲等。所以南天寺就成文人家口中 ‘南半球最大’的寺庙了。



岸上有座灯塔。当然还有就是草地了。一到草地就是躺在草地上,这是澳洲人的 pattern,非常舒适写意!


Tuesday, 17 April 2012

股息到手了 -- NAIM

昨天,2012年4月16日是NAIM 3仙股息的Payment Date。我等很久了。虽然数目不多,但是这种不用作任何事情就有的被动收入,意义非凡