Friday, 18 March 2016

Leaving Australia for good: the tension of opposites

It has become pretty clear that I will have less than 1 month in Australia. Nothing is going to stop it.

Living for 3.5 years, Sydney has become an ordinary city to me, nothing more, nothing less. The excitements that I have had when I first came to this beautiful place have unfortunately, yet inevitably, turned into normalcy. The good things have been taken for granted and the bad things have already been accustomed to. Ridiculously, the city that crowned the top 10 most livable cities in the world, a place that so many people long to visit, is also the place that I cannot wait to leave.

I experience the tension of opposites*: part of me want to leave here so badly, yet part of me know that there is nothing better back in Malaysia. When I think of I have enough of Sydney, the mind starts generating all kinds of reasons to justify the thought, e.g., I miss Malaysia food. But then I also know that I am going to miss Australia very much: the fresh air, the days of cycling and the fun of swimming & snorkeling in the sea, etc. More importantly, I like the way Australians think, the mindset, the "software", which determines the "quality" of a community.

Which makes me realising, once again, that you always get some and lose some at the same time. Life is only fair this way. Time flies and there is not much I can do to hold on to all these things. This experience only happens once in a lifetime. I cannot, and do not want to leave any regrets while in Australia. This means that, appreciating all moments while I am still here is the best I can do to for the rest of the days in Australia.

*The tension of opposites was mentioned in  <<Tuesdays with Morrie>>, my favorite book written  by Mitch Albom