Sunday, 17 January 2016

A(nother) market turmoil

Recently, another market turmoil has emerged. Major overseas market are having big drops. Well, except KLSE.

This time, apparently sparked by a plunge in crude oil price and fears about Chinese economy growth, has the overseas stock market to drop 2-3%, literally every second day. Chinese economy growth problem? Really?

Brent crude oil: Looking back only to realise that oil really start to drop since 2H 2014. And it drop really quickly. I thought it would stop at around USD 40/barrel, but the market always surprises you. I has now come down to below USD 30/barrel. The financial market is interesting: the crude oil price has rarely gained any considerable attention in the past, and it is now ubiquitous on the media.

(Print-screened from Bloomberg)

NASDAQ: I have a dream of NASDAQ to shot up to 10000 points in coming years for another round of technology bubble. But it now looks like an impossible task?

(Print-screened from

DAX is literally dropping 2-3%+ every second day for the past week!

NIKKEI is literally dropping every second day too.

On the other hand, KLSE is like a heaven, completely oblivious to what is happening globally. Magic always happens in Malaysia, going along with the phrase "Malaysia Boleh".


The last "noticeable" adjustment occurred in Aug 2015, coming with no signal (at all). In less than six months, another round is coming. Frankly, no one can stand seeing stocks dropping to such an extent every second day, let alone that the bearish market has yet to be confirmed.

I am wondering, the market hasn't even drop for 20% and the market sentiment is already so negative, what if something worse is yet to come?

I would like to see if this would turn out to be another adjustment.


  1. Market Review for KLCI

    The FBM KLCI index gained 4.56 points or 0.27% on Thursday. The Finance Index increased 0.59% to 14368.6 points, the Properties Index dropped 0.07% to 1133.37 points and the Plantation Index rose 0.36% to 7882.63 points. The market traded within a range of 10.23 points with a high of 1694.33 and a low of 1684.10 during the session. The KLCI halted its losing streak after gained 4.56 points to 1690.91 points amid overnight gains in US market. Our benchmark index was buoyed by bargain-hunting.

    Market forecast for KLCI

    The KLCI index is expected to trade with bullish sentiments if it cross the level of 1695 in coming trading session however the index also can take resistance at this level and then it can give sideways movement in near term

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