Sunday, 23 March 2014

NASDAQ: Symantec stock plunged 12%

Last Friday US stock ends lower, with DJI - 0.17%, NASDAQ -0.98% and S&P 500 -0.29%.

I was wondering how come NASDAQ would have fallen relatively extensive as compared to S&P 500. Having observed the trend of NASDAQ recently, this is rather unusual. A look into Wall Street Journal clear my doubts: SYMC (NASDAQ:SYMC) plunged 12% yesterday due to the news that CEO get sacked in less than 2 years.  Related news can be found in Investor place. Symantec, which develops Norton anti-virus, is a well known company for computer anti-virus software. I am using its product currently.

NASDAQ is an index comprises of 100 companies mainly related to technology / health care operations. A list of its components companies can be found in CNBC Nasdaq component companies. You can easily identify some of the well known international companies by just a glance at the component companies: Microsoft, Intel, Adobe etc.

This is what happens when you get to know US market, a greater insight about the companies of which you use their products daily, and also have a sense of how fluctuating US markets can be.

Sunday, 16 March 2014

KLSE: INARI price soars, transferring to Main Market?

Last time when I wrote something about target price reached, where to?

My target price was RM 1.71, but now the share price stood at RM 2.27. I didn't make any transaction, as I found no reason to sell this share.  The decision is correct, at least, until now.

Last Friday, INARI volume was relatively higher - not a good sign. As volume comes, I would choose to go. The price has increased ceaselessly over the past two weeks. Seeing the share price soars day by day, I am very excited at first, but soon the feeling changed.


I found myself to be even greedier than ever: when my portfolio sees an earning that has never appeared before, I found myself to be even more unsatisfied. I want to see EVEN more profits. Is this human nature, of the more you have, the more unsatisfied you will be, or is this just about my boundless greed? I guess, in some sense, that this is part of human nature, a weakness that can be improved, but not eradicated.

Anyway, I believe the movement in the past two weeks is strongly related to the news regarding transfer from ACE market to main market. It has been more than two months since the application has been made on 10 Jan 2014.

It breaks new high everyday, sky is the only limit. I have no more target price for this share, will only watch and see what happens, only to decide what to do next.

Cairns trip, the Great Barrier Reef, people met

Continue from Cairns trip, the Great Barrier Reef, a memorable experience.

F is from Italy. She spent her Christmas holiday traveling around Australia. She managed to travel to: Adelaide, Tasmania, Sydney, Cairns and Uluru in two weeks time. This is just too short. It requires determination: if you don't travel now, you will not have the chance next time. This is why I travel to Cairns. During our conversation, when we talk about having meals, she said that she wants to save money for Uluru, her last trip, during Christmas. Traveling to Uluru during Christmas? God knows how much it would cost. But I understand that. This is all about experience. 

G is locally born, just graduated from University. He was the "translator" between F and I, as the English slang by F is too hard for me to understand. When we first met, F asked me a question: So you are a student here? (she student pronounced as stadent). I didn't get it. 2 seconds later, G said she mean student. I laughed nonstop. Looking back, it is this small things that made up a large part of this memorable experience.

L is from Poland, having two weeks break for her holiday, she chose to travel in Queensland without any plan. I like this, no plan. Unlike me, I plan everything before the trip. I realized how "thoughtful" I was for my trip, which turned out to be redundant sometimes. I guess this is the difference between eastern and western culture. No plan, don't have to think so much for this. Just wing it* as many others here did.

* wing it, verb, it means to accomplish something without preparation, i.e. is like flying through with a wing. E.g. She traveled to Cairns without booking any accommodation and just wing it upon arrival. (i.e. she found her accommodation on the spot).

He is a Canadian, ages 50s from my guess, sold all assets in Canada, traveling since Feb 2013, and will continue till the rest of his live. I admire his bravery, something that I doubt if I have the courage to do it. Living in my comfort zone for years, I couldn't imagine what will happen if I lost a place to stay. Thinking the other way round, why would a person need a certain place to stay? Wherever he wants to go, wherever he intends to stay, just go for it. He planned to stay in South East Asia for sometime, as these places are relatively cheaper.

C is from Switzerland. She came to Penang before. I like to hear this. Listening someone praising my home town made me proud. She travels for 3 months in AU and NZ, has been traveling around other parts of QLD.

Ch is from UK. "Well, I am 40 now and I haven't traveled around the world." He quited his job and started traveling for 3 months. Another difference. They desire of traveling around the world. At the age of 40, I doubt if I could give up my jobs and everything and just start traveling for months. My trip "unit" is days. Their trip "unit" are weeks and months, or even years.

This trip has widen my views and experience. Meeting other travelers is just amazing. The differences in cultures show that there are something we can to learn from each other. It is about embracing the good from other cultures.